Housing – The time to go for gold is now by: Student Journalist

Housing – The time to go for gold is now

Queenslanders with Disability Network (QDN) is pleased to announce the official launch of our housing position paper “Going for Gold: Accessible, Affordable Housing Now” which unapologetically promotes the perspectives of people with disability on 28 March 2017.

QDN is also pleased to launch 5 digital stories, showcasing the lived experience of people with disability and what is important in finding and achieving a place to call home.

QDN Board of Directors, Chairperson, Mr Nigel Webb said, “People with disability have a fundamental right to housing that is accessible, affordable, secure housing that is well-located in communities.” Mr Webb said “Every Queenslander with disability has a right to be able to be included in community and family life. It is only when people’s fundamental need for housing is met that people can participate fully as active and valued citizens in the social and economic life of community.”

There is a housing affordability crisis occurring across Queensland and indeed Australia. Queenslanders with disability face extra barriers to securing a home. Over 90% of all housing for people with disability will be provided in the private rental, home ownership and owner builder markets. Other people will continue to access their housing through public housing or through social housing provided by community housing providers.

QDN’s housing position paper outlines a way forward for the three levels of Government, statutory bodies, and the private, public and community sectors. The paper’s four principles and recommendations target actions to achieve a more inclusive housing system where people with disability have secure, affordable, accessible and well-located housing in the same way as other Australians.

Mr Webb says, “The time to go for gold is now. We need to raise the bar. We need to raise expectations about what is possible for people with disability in having a place to call home. We need to work together across governments, industry, community and disability sectors and with people with disability and their families and carers and dare to dream big, to think outside the box, and find a way forward so that each Queenslander with disability has choice and control about where they live and with whom so they can have a place to call home.”

QDN is an organisation by and for people with disability with over 1,500 members and supporters across the state. QDN’s mission is “to empower all people with disability to be fully included as active, valued citizens in the social and economic life of the community”.

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