Gold Coast businesses get ready for the NDIS by: Student Journalist

Gold Coast businesses get ready for the NDIS


Assistant Director Jayson Harrahan makes the opening remarks at the NDIS Provider Readiness Forum. Photo by Michael Harris.

The National Disability Insurance agency held a DNIS readiness forum at Robina on the 5th of September to begin the process of getting industry providers up to speed the role out due to commence early next year.

The forum was attended by many of the business providers that are in the frontline of delivering the NDIS to the expected 90,000 Queenslanders with either a mental or physical disability that will benefit from the scheme.

During the meeting, NDIA staff explained many of the rules and regulations that providers will need to follow when the system kicks off highlighting the complexity of massive new government program expected to cost 22 billion dollars annually.

Provider Engagement Manager Jamie Burr. Photo by Michael Harris.

Jamie Burr, Provider Engagement Manager says “The system is set up to provide choice and control for the participants, they will have the control to purchase the services they need that are approved under their individual plan”.

“The scheme funds reasonable and necessary supports that help a person achieve their goals and foster social and economic participation” Jamie said.

The NDIS is not designed to replace or augment existing services that would be provided by other departments such as Health or Educations but to link in with those areas that already provide disability services and guide participants towards those groups when needed.

While businesses are now in receipt of training in preparation, more industries are now being targeted such as doctors who will be essential to the process by assisting with providing specialist medical information to the NDIS about their patients disabilities and specific needs.

Provider Engagement Manager Renee Baines. Photo by Michael Harris.

Renee Baines, Provider Engagement Manager for NDIS is currently helping service provider’s transition into the scheme.

“Traditionally Queensland has been underfunded with disability services so the NDIS is a crucial tool in addressing this” Renee said.

“Forums such as these are the best way of educating providers to the rules and processes surrounding the NDIS so that they can effectively deliver services to participants and know what to expect from the new scheme.” Renee Said.

Jayson Harrahan delivers the opening remarks. Video by Michael Harris

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